Call for Papers

The topics of PEDG 2018 are organized into four tracks.

Track 1:  Power Electronics for Sustainable Sources

1a.   New power converters and controls for wind, solar PV, CHP, wave and tidal, and fuel cell power

1b.   High efficiency power conversion for sustainable sources: efficiency improvements using new topologies, semiconductor devices and magnetic materials

1c.   Grid integration using solid state transformers, and medium voltage dc distribution

1d.   Islanding detection, protection and standards of DG systems

Track 2:  Energy Storage Systems

2a.   Power electronics for battery energy storage systems, supercapacitors/ultracapacitors, hybrid energy storage

2b.   Power electronics for charging and operation of electric, hybrid electric, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles

2c.   Energy management, optimal sizing of energy storage, and power converter systems for various use cases: peak shaving, intermittency mitigation, etc.

Track 3:  Distributed Generation Interacting with Power Transmission and Distribution Systems

3a.   Microgrids/nanogrids - grid interconnected and islanded operation

3b.   Distributed generation power electronics and electric power quality - voltage, frequency, harmonics impacts and mitigation

3c.   Power electronics as power stations: demand response, high penetration of distributed generation power electronics in the grid, and renewables generation forecasting applied to power electronics

Track 4:  Other Advanced Topics

4a.   Power semiconductor modules development for distributed generation power electronics

4b.   Power electronics and Cybersecurity issues

4c.   Energy policy and public policy issues relating to power electronics based distributed and sustainable generation systems


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