Seiki Igarashi

Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.



New Power semiconductor for Realization of a sustainable society



We will see a movement to realize a sustainable society by achieving economic growth while also addressing social issues pertaining to energy, the environment, human rights, and other areas. This movement is exemplified by the adoption of the Paris Agreement and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Fuji Electric's corporate philosophy and management policies emphasize its commitment to contributing to the creation of a sustainable society through its energy and environment businesses. In other words, our core principles are congruent with the contemporary needs of society and customers.
In electric power equipment for the industrial applications and Auto motive applications, more energy-saving and more resource-saving, efficient systems must be developed. Power semiconductor devices are the key to develop more efficient electric power equipment. In this paper is introduced for RC-IGBT with 3G Direct Water Cooling Module and 2G-trench SiC MOSFET module. Those new devices increase the output power density per weight or per volume, reduce the consumption of natural resources, and increase the efficiency of electric power conversion systems. Fuji Electric stands committed contributing to the realization of a responsible and sustainable society through its business in order to address the energy and environmental issues that threaten the earth.



Dr. Seiki Igarashi is Senior Manager for Device Application Technology Department Fuji Electric Co., Ltd., Japan. In 1984, he started working at Fuji Electric Corporate R&D Center. He was development of the high efficiency Fuel Cell Inverter, UPS and Industrial Power supplies.  From 2003, he moved to the Semiconductor Group. Now he interests New Power Device Development planning and its application technologies. He is member of IEE Japan. He received an Excellent Paper Award from IEE Japan in 2000.