PEDG 2021 brings to you the following exciting tutorials from Industry and Academia experts

Tutorials will be presented on June 28, 2021. More details will be included in the full Conference Program

Reliability of Power Electronics in PV systems: Design and Control solutions

Ariya Sangwongwanich
Frede Blaabjerg
Aalborg University (Academia)

Grid Forming Energy Storage: Design Challenges, Technical Performance Results and Market Opportunities for the World First Large Scale Virtual Synchronous Machine Connected to the Australian National Power System

Stanislav Cherevatskiy
John Glassmire
Hitachi ABB Power Grids (Industry)

Hybrid AC and DC Networked Microgrids Towards Grid Modernization: Control, Optimal Design, and Implementation

Feng Qiu
Jianzhe Liu
Xiaonan Lu
Xuan Wu
Argonne National Laboratory (Industry)

Solid State Circuit Protection for Distributed Power Grids

John Shen
Illinois Institute of Technology (Academia)

SiC Devices for Power Electronic Systems: Status, Challenges, and Prospects

Victor Veliadis
Power America (Industry)

Electrified Aerospace Propulsion and High Bandwidth Power Hardware in Loop Test Platform: Raytheon Technologies Research Center

Parag Kshirsagar
Xin Wu
Suman Dwari
Jagadeesh K. Tangudu
Jung-Muk (Michael) Choe
Parikshith Channegowda
Raytheon Technologies (Industry)

Power Management and Converter Control for Hybrid AC/DC Microgrids

Kai Sun
Xiaochao Hou
Tsinghua University (Academia)

3.3-kV SiC MOSFETs: Power Packaging and System Applications

Juan Carlos Balda
Alan Mantooth
Yue Zhao
Yuxiang Chen
University of Arkansas (Academia)